Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Finding folksy

The pleasure of selling jewellery in the Viewpoints gallery was gradually eroded as the cold grip of winter 2010 eased its icy fingers into every aspect of my life.Demanding day job, poor health, difficulty travelling, all dented my enthusiasm and before I knew it, not only was the business on a shelf, I wasn't even finding the energy to craft beautiful jewellery...Oh woe is me! Now how on earth do we end up in these hideous slumps in life? It was like someone had pulled the plug on the bath water and suddenly you're shivering in the cold!

So you've really got 2 choices. Continue to let the bath water out and vacate the bath or get a grip and put the plug back in and get that hot water tap running again! So, as a 'the bottle is half full' sort of person, I just had do do something. Wallowing in self misery is just too uncomfortable for someone like me to spend any great time indulging in. Now what had those customers wanted? Aah yes ..a website. They wanted to buy on line. So 'Mrs complete dinosaur with anything technical,' decided to peruse the internet again. Fortunately, on that day's frontpage of yahoo  there was a little piece about 'making money from home'.Utterly distracted from my original search, (which happens so easily on the internet...in fact did you originally intend to read this blog, eh?) I read that article. Amongst the list of items to try,there was one that stood out ...FOLKSY. Could this be my business lifeline?

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