Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Jewellery Making Tool of the month July 2011

When I first started playing about with wire, I just swiped one of hubbie's pliers out of his tool box. Not surprisingly my first ham-fisted effort had 'jiggidy, jaggedy' bits of wire facing in all directions and not one smooth curve or  90 degree angle in sight. However, I eventually twigged on to how important the pliers were. There's all sorts out there- round nose, snipe nose, flat nose, needle nose, bent nose .....etc. The reason, though, that I have chosen to feature the above pliers is not because of its neatly finished and small ended nose. It is because of the handles. There is something about these particular pliers that makes the handles very cosy and comfortable to hold. This becomes increasingly important when, particularly chain mailing, you may be holding a set or two of pliers for hours at a time. So thank you sanctuary beads (Ebay or for supplying these wonderful pliers.

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