Sunday, 10 July 2011

A very good point of view

Heartened by actually managing to cover the £30 cost of the stall fee at my first two real live shows, I pondered the question of having a website, which so many customers had asked me about. I perused the internet as you do, but seemed to be too many people out there offering to do the job for me & realising it might cost hundreds of pounds, I completely chickened out this. I'm of that generation who left school the year they brought in a single computer to the school! Basically as 'un-computer nerdie' as you can get. However, I did now have some proof of selling necklaces over the £20 mark...even on a show day! So one last effort to try a shop again.

I decided to head to Keswick, far more affluent than West Cumbria, so should be someone who'll take my necklaces! I headed to a gallery that someone else recommended. I had to take the kids with me that day so I told them to look poor & impoverished & imagine their mother was in dire need of an income. They grinned at me and asked how much I would pay them for this service...cheeky kids!
Anyway, first gallery owner looked at just one of my necklaces & then peered down her nose at me. Perhaps me & the kids were looking too poor that day as she said 'I don't think so, it's not for here.' I was about to plead with her to at least look beyond the first necklace, but she swept her hand towards the door and said,  'Try a few doors up, they might have your stuff.' Clearly 'my stuff' was not good enough for this gallery or was it just my old jeans and the'Ken Dodd' type look my hair had taken on that day? I'll never know.

 However, a few doors up was Viewpoints Gallery. A fantastic shop with jaw droppingly beautiful photographs of the Lake District. It also had some jewellery & a warm welcome. This time I knew what my necklaces could sell at & with a more confident, yet polite approach, I finally found a shop willing to display my items. Of course it is 'sale or return,' but at this early stage who am I to complain. This was the start of what is an ongoing reliable & beneficial relationship. Thank you Viewpoints


  1. Wahoo! That's great. I hope it goes well. :o)

  2. More fool the first gallery! People with that attitude make me laugh. And keep on with the Ken Dodd hair - wonder what that gallery owner would have made of Tracy Emin... she makes Kenn Dodd look as groomed as Prince Charles and she does ok :)

  3. Thanks Flo...maybe I should've learnt how to use hair straighteners, but I'm too busy having fun & crafting to worry about my appearance!