Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Dogs..A Home for Life

Well it is the time of year when millions of people are thinking about that special gift for their loved one. The gift that is 'oh so cute', lovable & has big brown 'buy me' eyes. That is why so many succumb to purchasing those soft adorable puppies that last ...well a few weeks/months until they're much bigger, noisier, crying all night, pooing, peeing, chewing, stealing food, scratching, smelly, needing a walk again, chasing things they shouldn't & maybe even biting what they shouldn't! Not to mention how much money to feed, insure, vaccinate on top of that initial purchase price.So then the special gift is over & the dogs homes are overwhelmed another year running.

The photo above is of our oldest dog Joe Bo. He is 14 yrs old & still needs feeding, walking, gets smelly, pinches food etc. 14 yrs down the line!

So my appeal to you is to not take on that puppy unless you can definitely cope with everything it comes with. Instead consider the lovable puppies & dogs that are carefully handcrafted so that they will  remain forever just as they have been created- no mess & considerably cheaper! So here's my pre Christmas gallery of dogs in need of a forever home;


  1. I love dogs but won`t have one at the moment(no matter how much my kids natter) as I know how much care & attention they need, if only everyone who wants a dog took your points into account before falling in love with those puppy eyes maybe there`d be fewer stray/abandoned dogs come the end of January. Thanks for including my card in the gallery of gorgeous but low maintainence doggies :-)
    Diane x

  2. great collection of house-friendly puppies!