Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lowes Court Gallery...Artist's Dream Maker

Just had the a pleasurable few days creating stock for a place that is very close to my heart 

This was the first place that allowed me to sell my very first necklace.
Lowes Court Gallery only exists because of the vision & enthusiasm for art of one woman...Lyn Purnell.     

About 40 years ago, no.12 Main St, Egremont was shuddering in response to the demolition of nearby buildings. It was awaiting its own death sentence in order to make way for the town centre regeneration. Meanwhile, local artist and teacher, Lyn Purnell, had realised that this old coal merchant’s cottage had far more to offer to the town than simply being reduced to a pile of rubble. With the bulldozers only metres away from no.12, Lyn desperately pleaded with Ennerdale Rural District Council to withhold the destruction of this neglected old building. 

Lynn managed to gather a band of volunteers who not only raised the funds, but also helped with the hard graft of restoring this beautiful old building & converting it into the wonderful gallery that it is now. It is a charity & therefore provides a great  & far more economical landing stage for local artists to show their work. The main display room is named after Lyn & she wrote her own story about Lowes Court in a booklet 'How it all began', which is available at the gallery. 

The building dates from 1740 and its first resident was Mr Lowes, a maker of spinning wheels.
So now this delightful old building has gone from spinning wheels to spinning success!

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