Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birds of a Wire

 Several highly unusual birds have started flying in to Spiral Fountain Jewellery. From the rarely seen Kingfisher to a very cute Blue Tit. Each and everyone of them is made of simple wire & the odd bead. Every one of them is painstakingly handcrafted - hours of work! However, every loop of wire is worth the effort to create these unusual pendants, as it helps to bring to life a reminder of these wonderful creatures, surviving in the wild against the odds.

As a member of the RSPB (Royal Soceity for Protection of Birds), I am passionate about our wild birds & love to help them as much as I can. I keep a garden full of shrubs, trees, flowers & provide food & water to help ease the fight they have every year to survive. It is a honour to even vaguely emulate their beauty in my wire pendants.

So, enough waffle....here are 'The Birds,'

The Blue Tit...a favourite little visitor of our UK gardens & they love to peck away at seeds, nuts, insects & caterpillars

The Goldfinch..our most brightly coloured finch. Nyger seed definitely attracts this one, if it's in the vicinity of your garden. Some migrate to Spain in the winter & they're a very sociable bird...just like us Brits!

The Humming Bird...the tiniest of birds, a hovering specialist with an average wing beat of 70 beats per second! Found naturally in the Americas, but as far North as Alaska & as far South as Chile. This wire humming bird pendant necklace is created using enamelled copper wires.

The Kingfisher...the lover of the riverside, looking for fish & waterside insects. Mostly found in Southern England, but can be spotted further North.

The Swallow..can't wait for this summer visitor to return to our courtyard, nesting in the old barns. I know that the good weather is back then! They love to swoop & dive bomb for insects, with most of their time being on the wing.

The British Jay...I finally saw my first Jay ever, just a few weeks ago. This shy bird prefers to hide in woodland, so it was a real honour to catch a glimpse of one flying past with that distinctive flash of sky blue on its wing.


  1. Oh wow! Those are beautiful-truly stunning!
    I imagine they require alot of work and skill. Gorgeous. I'm sure they will 'fly' of the shelves as it were ;)

  2. These are gorgeous and must have taken ages! So hard to choose a favourite, i'm sure they'll all be popular!

    Leanne x x

  3. Hello, I am visiting you from UK Handmade. What a brilliant idea! They are all beautiful.

    Sarah xx